Chapter Delays for TFH

Sorry about the lack of chapters this week. I’ve been trying to balance preparing for a biology and Japanese midterm while also trying to get some translating in, and well… I’ve been poorly managing my time. My Bio midterm is on Tuesday, and my Japanese midterm is on Wednesday. I’ll be putting out six chapters some time this week to make up for the missing chapters. Sorry for the delays 😦

4 thoughts on “Chapter Delays for TFH

  1. piousperson

    It’s fine, don’t stress yourself. There’s only 47 chapters anyways, right? Real life should always be a priority, in my opinion.


  2. piousperson

    Ok, that’s cool, if you have a schedule then it’s good to keep it, but you shouldn’t chew more than you can bite off if you know what I mean 😉 You know that yourself better than anyone, though.

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    1. Paul

      I’ll be putting out 6 chapters by the end of this week for sure though to make up for the lack of chapters last week. My last midterm is today, so I should have time to do so 😀


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