Well Celebration Here. I have been on a hiatus this last month for many reasons. Sigh. I am aware this makes me look bad, but it can’t be helped.  Life has been punching me in the face. I have not dropped my projects. In fact the chapters are almost done for both Queen 11 and DGM, but I haven’t finished them. So coming soon. Thanks are in order. To Kob Lor (Thai?) for your $5 donation on the 20th of Feb. THAnk You sO mUCH.  All donations do go to this site. I do not touch a sent of it. So it is appreciated. Proceeds will be reflected soon. ^_^. Now on to some GOOD News. Everyone


WELCOME SQUINTY!!!!! A New Translator. She is doing Father, Mother Escaped Again. And I must say it is a hilarious work. check it out. This site is growing and I am a happy parent. lol.  And I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy this journey with me!!!

2 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!!

  1. Hi, Celebration! It’s good to hear from you again after so long…

    My group, Daikyun Translations, was thinking of picking up “The Annals of the Flame Kingdom”, and translating it again from the beginning. Despite the so-called ‘unspoken three month’ rule being passed, Daikyun TL has decided that we would like to contact you, the first translator of the webnovel to confirm that we could proceed with our plans.

    I apologise about the indirect method of contact, we could not find your email.

    Please reply to this comment, or email me at:

    Best regards,
    Panda-emic (on the behalf of Daikyun Translations)

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