Etranger Chapter 14

Here’s chapter 14 of Etranger! Shout out to Tracey for the donation! Unfortunately, as I had mentioned in a past announcement, I am going to take down the Etranger donations, and focus more on The First Hunter. Thank you for all of you who have stuck with me thus far.

Chapter 14


The First Hunter Chapter 18

Hey everyone, here’s chapter 18! Just an off topic blurb, but I’ve been playing Rainbow Six Siege because of the free weekend, and man it is loads of fun. It’s really difficult, but also really rewarding. The learning curve is hella steep, but it is just so much fun. Plus I finished this chapter just in time for the Achievement Hunter stream, so feelsgoodman. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 18



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The First Hunter Chapter 15

Hello readers! Here is the third release for the week, chapter 15. I also have an announcement to make: I made a Patreon!

I decided against doing the traditional sponsored chapters system for The First Hunter because it felt wrong. Basically, it felt like a large paywall. Whenever the queue filled up partially, but then no donations came in afterwards, we would receive money but not enough to put out a chapter. So, I’m going to put out a chapter of Etranger with the names of whoever donated on it, and then stick to the longer release schedule I’ve set for it.

I’m going to do a Patreon for those of you who would like to support me with small quantities of money. So for starters, the most important goal for me and for the site is to shuffle off WordPress’s shackles. We’re looking to move to a different host, and have considered various different services like SquareSpace. So please, check out my Patreon, and once again, leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments. Thank you!

Chapter 15