10 thoughts on “Q11 Chapter 37

  1. Amal

    I am realy intressted in this novel and i like it very much!!♡ I hope that you dont stop translating it pleas !! :$ You stopped at such an intresting spot!! ♡ ~☆~


  2. Novelcrazy

    Good news…a new Chinese drama is showing now from this novel. Hope that you can continue to translate this story. More than 3 moths since last update.


  3. loulla

    I really hope you finish translating this too. I recently discovered this novel after seeing the drama, I was disappointed that it hadn’t been translated for awhile, can you let the readers know if you have stopped this project, as I am sure more people will be interested in this novel.


      1. Anonymous

        I really love princess agents and now i’m reading the novel also. Thank you so much for the translation yet i hope you could also finish translating the whole novel. I hope paperback in english version is on the process, i will surely buy it.Love love love from Philippines.


  4. Thank you for the effort to translate this chinese novel…Truthfully i’ve been searching for many translations but not as complete as yours…please do continue…really appreciate it..


  5. Hanhan

    i hope that there will be another chapter, for I feel that the novel is much more interesting than the drama. Hoping for you to have the free time to translate another chapter.. Well don’t get me wrong, I love the actors and the actresses in the drama but I love the story of the novel more than the drama.. That’s why I am looking forward for the translation even if I am done watching of the drama..


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