Spirit Sword: A change of plans

Hey guys, I know I only just put out a chapter, but it has come to my attention that another group has already been working on it, and has been stockpiling chapters to do a big release. They politely asked me if I was willing to drop it, and since it was a side project, I acquiesced. I ask that you guys follow the other group once they release the chapters, since the story is pretty darn good. Please support the author!

tl;dr: Dropping SS since another group has been working on it already. Please follow the novel wherever it goes, and support the author. Thank you!

Edit: Didn’t want to spoil it at the time, but the group in question is MyoniYoni Translations. Make sure to check them out, they’ve got a bunch of really good works on their site.

2 thoughts on “Spirit Sword: A change of plans

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